Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You know you are from Montana when...

1. You have experienced wearing both shorts and having it snow on the same day.
   this has happened on more than one occasion. i don't know how many times a day i have to switch from the a/c to heat in my car. they say if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes.

2. You know the mascots and colors of all the other teams in your division.
    there are only about 10 or so teams per division in high schools. you tend to know all the players on the other teams. even being out of high school for five plus years i can still name all the other teams and their colors.

3. You schedule your trips based on the college events happening.
   most of the main towns in Montana have one college, and it isn't crazy to plan your trips based on what events are going on. i would never go to Missoula during Cat/Griz games or Butte when Mulletfest is going on (yes, Mulletfest is a real thing!). too many college kids getting crazy!

4. You have been to a high school sports event even though you don't know anyone who is playing personally.
   my dad and i like to go watch basketball games in the winter when there isn't much else to do. most of the time i don't even know any of the kids, but it is still a fun event to attend. this isn't an uncommon occurrence.

5. You have an "account" at one of the local stores.
   we had a little convenience store up the street from my parents house when I was growing up. we had an account there where we would buy things throughout the month and then my parents would just pay it at the end of the month. this was nice because my parents could send us to grab a thing or two without having to give us their debit cards. lots of little stores in montana do this.

6. You or someone you know has hit wildlife while driving. This isn't limited to just deer…wolves, coyotes, big-horn sheep, and even a cow.
   my dad and his brothers hit a cow one time driving home late at night. the cow got out of the field, and it was dark outside. they didn't see the cow until it was too late. you don't hear that happening just anywhere.

7. You have never experienced a snow day even though there are days where you get upwards of two feet of snow.
    i have never had a snow day. i was always so jealous of hearing about others getting snow days. there have been days when we have gotten close to three feet of snow. but nope, no snow day for montana.

8. You have left your car running with the doors unlocked to run into the store.
   i did this this morning. it just kind of cracks me up because i realize there are many big cities where you would never do this. i do it all the time.

9. The Dairy Queen is closed from November to March.
   i always hear jeff foxworthy joke about this, and i'm sure people think this is a joke. but this is completely true where i live. i think it is true for a lot of montana towns. they just don't get enough business in the winter to keep the place open.

10. You have honestly seen some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
    i really think that i live in the most beautiful state in the country. between glacier national park and yellowstone national park and everywhere in between, montana has picture perfect scenery. the lakes, the woods, the wildlife, and even the small towns are worth driving around to see.

I have always said that God used His greatest imagination for Montana. It really truly is the last best place!

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  1. Hey there! So this proves I've been stalking your blog tonight since I'm commenting on a post from a few days ago! But when I saw your comment on Mal Smiles about Chick Fil A, I was like, "a Montana gal with a blog? Yes!" I'm a native Montana from Missoula and my family is from Cut Bank.

    This post is too funny... yes, some things happen only in our great state. While I no longer live in Montana, I will always be a Montanan. Love my home state!

    Keep up the great blogging!

    1. Yeah for Montana bloggers!! I am from Helena, and I sadly have to say I have never been to Cut Bank!

      It's true...not matter how long you are away, Montana will always be home, right?!