Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #2

Whew!! This week has been a whirlwind. I finally moved into my new house on Saturday! For those of you know don't know, I have been building a house since August. I am so excited to finally be settled into the house {and by settled I mean boxes and boxes sitting on the floor}. I am slowly but surely getting things put away, and it feels more like a home. To be honest, for the first day or two I felt like I was just playing house with someone else's things.

The only pictures I have so far is of my dogs watching tv :)

Am I the only person who loves tax season? Probably because I have always gotten a tax refund, and I feel like I am getting free money. I understand that it is my money to begin with, but it still feels like a bonus :)

Since moving into my new house, I only have Apple TV; no cable. I am getting use to that, but I have found a ton of new shows to add to my list. I am one of those types of people who likes to watch tv series over again. I tend to watch an entire series over a couple of months, and then a few years later I like to watch it again. I am currently watching Gossip Girl again, but once in awhile I add in episodes from My Name is Earl. This is a silly 30 minute sitcom about a redneck guy who wins the lottery. After watching an episode of Carson Daily, he learns about the concept of karma. He decides to write a list of all the things he has done wrong in his life, and slowly one by one he rights those wrongs. It is beyond cheesy, but I love it for a quick, funny fix.

Does anyone else write thank you notes or other cards and then stash them in their purse for a week or so because you forget to buy stamps? No? It's just me who does that…dang it!

Speaking of cards, you have to check out the dollar section at Target! They have the cutest supplies out right now. I like to send cards to the girls in my Awana church program every once in awhile, and I love that I can buy a cute pack of 8 cards for $1!! So while I was searching for a picture of some of the cards, I came across this awesome website! They have tons of information about Target including the Dollar Spot!!

You are probably thinking that this post is going to go on and on, and it kind of has :) So tell me below:

What are some good shows on Netflix to add to my list?
What is your best suggestion for someone setting up their first house?

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  1. How exciting that you moved in to your new house over the weekend! You are going to have so much fun putting it all together and making it home!

    I never watch shows over, same with books. I don't know why. Maybe I should try it with G.G. I love that show! I totally remember My Name is Earl, haha!

    LOVE the dollar section! My girls do too, and I so almost picked up some of those adorable cards the other day. They really are great!

    Have a great Thursday, Whitney!

  2. Okay for Netflix original shows - Daredevil for sure! I've heard house of cards is really good too {it's actually on my list to watch myself!} But for shows just on Netflix, you should definitely watch Gilmore Girls & Friends if you haven't already!! Also, you are NOT alone on the stamp thing. Ugh. I swear I feel like I always always always run out of stamps!! haha - so glad I found your blog through the thoughts on thursdays link up :)

    1. I have never heard of Daredevil, but I will definitely add it to my list! I've also heard House of Cards is good...looks like that one is going on my list too :)

  3. I'm currently watching Gossip Girl again too! It's been so long since I watched it that it literally feels like watching it for the first time. I have a tendency to reread old books as well. Something so comforting about it.

    1. I saw that you posted about watching Gossip Girl again! I feel the same fact I had to force myself to turn it off last night because I was getting so into it. I guess I have forgotten a lot of the little story lines!