Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #1

Today I am linking up with Amanda from the Running with Spoons blog. I am also linking up with Annie from Home of Malones and Natalie from East Coast Chic. They both have fun link-ups on Thursdays that are all about sharing what is on your mind! I love the idea of just sharing all the random things that run around in my head…believe me there is a lot!!

Thoughts for Thursday

1. I read this story in my local newspaper this week, and I just about lost it! This little girl was awarded a Make-A-Wish foundation wish, and she chose to go to an orphanage in India! How cool is that?!?! In the midst of battling cancer, this little girl made the decision to bless others rather than focus on herself. I strive to be more like her :)

2. In just a few short weeks, I am headed on my first cruise with my family! I am so excited to sit out in the sun especially after the cold front that has hit our little town the last few days. I have so much to do before we go….get a new swimsuit, buy sunscreen, pull out all my summer clothes, workout :)

3. I am so excited for Fuller House on Nextflix. Full House was one of my favorite shows growing up, and once in awhile I will catch it playing on Nickelodeon! I can't wait to see the story line and to have all the old cast members pop in!

If you are a fan of Full House, you have to check out the Fuller House Instagram

4. Speaking of remakes, I was really disappointed in the remake of Boy Meets World…now called Girl Meets World. It follows Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley and her best friend. My little sister was watching it the other day so I watched a couple of episodes with her. While there were lots of appearances by old cast members (Shawn Hunter, Mr. Feeney, Minkus), it just wasn't the same as the old show! I loved Boy Meets World back in the day.

5. I need to get my butt in gear! I have been slacking on my workouts lately. I have been working through the 21 Day Fix, and I love the workouts. They are only 30 minutes long, and I can do them in my living room. However, I have just been plain lazy! Well, I am also trying to pack up to move this weekend so that always throws a wrench into any plans!

6. Speaking of packing, I AM MOVING INTO MY NEW HOME THIS WEEKEND!!! I am just a little excited if you can't tell. I feel bad for my family and co-workers because that is honestly all I have talked about the last few days :) I can't wait to share pictures when it is all decorated!

I think that is all for this lovely {freezing} Thursday!!


  1. Montana is such a beautiful place. I was able to visit last October. I am so excited about Fuller House as well. I look forward to following your blog.

    1. I agree…Montana really is beautiful :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I caught Girl Meets World the other day and yeah...just no. Wow! Royal Princess! We're going on the I think it's Island Princess for spring break. So awesome!

    1. I was bummed because I had rally high-hopes for the remix. I guess it means its time for me to be an adult and quit watching Disney channel :) I will definitely be sharing our experience on the Princess line..I am beyond excited (and realizing just how pale I am!)!

  3. Full House and Boy Meets World! Oh man.... definitely two shows that take me back :D I loved both those growing up, and while I want to get all excited for the reunion shows, I doubt anything could compare to the originals -- it was just a different time and things seemed so much more innocent than they do now. And good luck with your move this weekend! Moving can be such a pain, but it's SO nice to get settled in a place you love.

  4. Awe... love that you are joining these fun link-ups! They are the best!