Monday, December 21, 2015

My Top 10

I love blogs. I could spend my whole night reading blogs. I always start out reading a blog I enjoy about hair and beauty, and next thing I know I'm reading a blog about Mexican food. Does that ever happen to anyone else?
One of my favorite blog posts to read is when people do Top 10s. I love top 10 beauty items, or top 10 recipes to try. Heck, I even like to read the top 10 ways to be healthy :)

So what better way to introduce myself to the blog world, than a…

Top 10 Things to Know about Me

1) I have about five go-to movies and tv shows that I watch on rotation. I am the type of person who can watch the same tv series several times before I get bored with it. A few of my favorite include

2. I have this weird ability to remember funny quotes from movies, tv shows, and even commercials. When I was in school, I struggled to even remember the material I studied the night before, but when it came to a funny youtube video I watched a week ago I can almost quote it perfectly.
I tend to incorporate funny quotes into every conversation. It has gotten to the point that whenever I say something funny my dad asks what movie it was from.

3. I have struggled with anxiety for a few years. There are good days and bad, but I wouldn't change my anxiety for anything. While that mind sound like a weird statement, I have realized that my anxiety has been a blessing in disguise. It has strengthened my relationship with my family but also my relationship with God.

4. I am going to be an auntie for the first time in April. We just found out Baby Bass is going to be a girl, and I am already in love with her :)

5. My three sisters are my rocks. They never cease to make me laugh, and I know I can go to them with anything. We have been through a lot these last few months, but I know we can make it through anything.

6. My dream job is teaching 8th grade English. My undergrad degree is English Education, and I am one class away from a second degree in Elementary Education. I currently work at the business office of the local school district while I finish school. I am hoping to start teaching next school year!

7. In just a few short weeks, I will be moving into my first home!! #firsttimehomeowner
I am so blessed to have been able to have my house built, and I can't wait to move in to decorate. In other news, we just got a Hobby Lobby so there goes my savings.

8. Without a doubt, the most important part of who I am is my faith. These last few years have tested my faith, and I have grown so much in my relationship with God (this is an entire blog post in itself). While I know I still have so much to learn, I am just blessed with the grace and faithfulness God gives me on a daily basis.

9. There is hands down, nothing better in the world than a good laugh. I mean like deep down in your belly, struggling to breathe, and ending up with the hiccups type of laugh. To be honest, this type of laugh happens to me on a daily basis.

10. I have been told on more than one occasion that my sisters and I are like a real-life SNL skit. We are messy, loud, most likely obnoxious, and quite hilarious when we are together. At least we think we are hilarious. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. In fast, I often find myself saying that I think we should have our own reality tv show :)

So there you have it…the 10 most important facts about me. Tell me, what is the one thing you would share to describe yourself?


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