Monday, February 8, 2016

The Monday Blues

Do you ever get the Monday Blues? Or is that just me?!?! I often feel like the weekend just flies by, and come Monday I am never quite ready to go back to work. I have compiled a list of things I do to make my Mondays better and more enjoyable.

1) Take some time on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week. For me, this means meal planning and prepping, putting everything into my planner for the week, getting any laundry done, and doing a quick sweep-clean of my house.

Doing those few things on Sunday make Monday go so much smoother. I feel like I can wake up Monday morning, and I don't stress about all the little things because they are already taken care of.

I also try and take the last few minutes on Friday afternoon to make sure I have everything wrapped up for Monday. Believe me, there is nothing worse than heading into the office knowing you have a project looming over your head. Your weekend and your Monday will go much better if you just get it done on Friday.

2) Spend a few minutes in the morning doing something for you. For many, enjoying a cup of coffee is the best way to start Monday. However, I am not a coffee drinker. I like to take a few minutes in the morning to watch a fun youtube video (makeup and hair tutorials are my favorites) or spend a few minutes playing with my dogs.

I think that spending a little quality time on yourself makes Mondays more bearable.

3) Listen to positive, uplifting music in the morning. I don't typically listen to music while I am getting ready, but I do listen to it on the commute to work. My favorite station is K-Love Christian Radio. I always feel more refreshed, clam, and relaxed when I start my morning with positive music versus listening to the local hits station. Find a radio station or Pandora station that works best for you!

4) Get a workout in!! Exercise is the best antidepressant there is. Take some time on Monday to get a good sweat session in. I love doing the Beachbody workouts, but find what works best for you. Maybe you enjoy a hot yoga session, or perhaps you love a good spin cycle. Whatever it is, do it! Never miss a Monday.

5) Treat yourself. You made it through a Monday. Give yourself some credit because sometimes Mondays are just plain hard.

Tell me Ladies,

What are some of your tips to make it through Mondays?
What kind of workouts do you enjoy best?


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