Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites #2

I am back for another Friday Favorites! I love the chance to look back on the week and remember all the little things that made it great. I am linking up with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything.

Favorite Post
I have been following The Daily Tay for awhile now. She is hilarious, and I absolutely loved this post she did on Thursday! She loves her dog, Harlow, just as much as I love my two dogs, Bella & Cori, so I totally find this post relatable! Go check her out….and just for fun, here is a pic of my two dogs :)

Favorite Blog
I just found Caitlin's blog, Cait's Cozy Corner, the other day, but I already love it! She is starting up a book club next month, and I can't wait to join. Make sure to show her some love and tell her I sent you!

Favorite Quote
My younger sister, Ashton, is full of hilarious quotes. I try and document them as much as possible because she really comes up with some bizarre things. We were looking back at my Facebook posts the other day, and I realized most of them are just quoting here. I thought I would share some of the funny ones below!

Favorite Activity
Packing!! I know that sounds strange, but I am so beyond excited to move into my 1st home this weekend! I have been slowly packing things over the last few months, but I have had to really kick it into gear in order to get everything ready to go. I have already taken a few trips to Goodwill {I am amazed at how much junk I have accumulated over the last few years!} 

Favorite New Puppy
My mom got a German Shepard puppy the day before Christmas! Winston Charles is going to be a great companion for her when I move out. He is quite possibly the fluffiest and cutest puppy I have met.

Favorite Workout
I was doing the 21 Day Fix Piyo workout the other day, and I turned around to this view. Cori, the black lab, is attempting her own version of Child's Pose while my two sisters are laying around in the background. At one point Jackson was participating, but when we looked back at him he was sitting against the wall on his phone. Guess they don't find find Piyo as exciting as me :)

Well those are my favorites for this Friday. Tell me below, what are your favorites from the week?


  1. Happy Friday! Found you through the link-up. I must say your mom's puppy is the absolutely adorable. Have a great weekend.