Friday, January 1, 2016

21 Day Fix

Welcome 2016!!! I am so excited to see what you have to bring. I have a feeling this is going to be the best year yet!!

This new year brings me a lot of firsts. I will become a first time homebuyer in just a few weeks!! Check back tomorrow for details on my new home :)

This will will also bring my first niece who is due in April.

It also brings me my first cruise!! My family and I are heading to the Caribbean in February for a seven day excursion.

With that being said, I realized that in order to fully enjoy my cruise, I would like to be in better shape (and lose a few pounds too if I am being honest). Now, I have tried every program out there, and I haven't been successful. I am all gung-ho for the first few days, but then I start to fizzle out. Mostly because I love Dr. Pepper…and chips.

Just a few weeks ago, I actually started a new program. I was skeptical at first, but I really truly love it! It is the Beachbody 21 Day Fix. This is a workout and nutrition program that is specific to 21 days, but it can be used on a daily basis!

What I love about the 21 Day Fix:
1. It is an old-fashion exercise and nutrition program. No pills to take or crazy concotions to drink. There is a daily shake called Shakeology, and it is hands down the best shake I have ever taken!

2. It gives you practical advice, tips, and meal plan. I hate those programs where you have to eat these crazy meals. The 21 Day Fix Meal Plan is simply real, clean food.

3. The meal plan comes with food containers so it is teaches you portion control. You get to eat pretty much everything but just within reason. The plan includes containers for proteins, fruits, veggies, carbs, nuts and dressings, and cheese.

4. There are a million recipes out there that taste delicious! You could serve it to your whole family, and I think everyone would love it even if they aren't doing the program.

5. The workout program is fun! There are 7 different workouts, and they only last 30 minutes. I can do them from the comfort of my own home (even in my PJs if I want!).

6. I have never gone hungry on this program!! I feel like I am eating a ton, but it is just all clean, healthy foods!

I really find myself being successful on this program. I will definitely be doing some updates on this program, but I would love to chat with you if you are interested in the program.

Tell me below… What is your favorite workout program?
Would you rather workout at home or in a gym?
Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?


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